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Tim Cope Journeys

26 July 2019 - Tim & Tigon: An Epic Adventure In The Land Of Nomads RELEASE 2019!

Announcement! TIM & TIGON, A Man A dog, An Epic Adventure in the Land of the Nomads to be released in September!  I can now officially let you all know that I have just received the final cover of my new book, which is aimed at at young readers aged 10-13, and details the journey of Tigon ...

16 February 2019 - A Tribute To Tigon RIP August 31 2018

... Many of you may now be aware that my beloved Tigon passed away on August 31 last year while I was in Mongolia Im still dealing to live without him each and every day I would like to share with you a letter that I wrote to him as i sat with his body in September on return to Australia

26 June 2018 - NEW: Royal Society Of Asian Affairs Special Award and a Special Night at the Sun Theatre

BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW: Join an exclusive evening with adventurer and author Tim Cope who will recount in words and images and film his epic adventure as he journeyed through the land of the nomads following in the ...