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Content Image: icy camp out Tim was born in 1978 and grew up as the eldest of four children in Gippsland Australia.

With a father heavily into the outdoors he was lucky enough to be introduced to surfing, bushwalking, kayaking and skiing at a young age. Every summer was spent with the family camping on the coast near Wilsons Promontory. Early on he dreamed about being an Author or a journalist for Australian Geographic, but throughout school wasn’t sure how to make it happen.

At 16 he travelled to Nepal to trek and raft, and at 18 deferred university to take up a GAP exchange program in England where he worked at a children’s adventure camp. Three months into the program he decided to leave, and headed off with a friend on a cheap bicycle to ride around Ireland and Scotland.

Later that year he travelled extensively through Eastern Europe including a journey across the former Yugoslavia from Bulgaria and spent his 19th birthday in Sarajevo.

In 1999 he returned to Australia to take up his Arts/Law degree at ANU in Canberra. However, one semester in he was selected on scholarship to study the ‘International Wilderness Guide Course’ based in Finland and Russia. A week after deferring his course for the second time he found himself transported from the law library to rural Finland where he began to learn about survival in the taiga forest.

The following year included six major expeditions into the Arctic and forest regions of Russia and Finland and cemented his love for adventure travel. To Tim, Russia represented the chance to explore a land of unparalleled wilderness and mystique, a place so unknown to him in Australia that it had been like a myth. The people also intrigued him. Their openness, spontaneous energy, and friendliness inspired him to begin learning Russian.

In late 1999, he embarked on the cycling adventure across Russia to Beijing with friend Chris Hatherly, and the rest is history……