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Tim and taskonir


"Curiosity, dreaming, risk-taking, exploration."

Universal Humanity

"Culture, people, outward approach to travel."


"Inspiration, wilderness, intrigue, beauty, connection to the earth. During journeys Tim aims to learn as much as he can about the people he meets, the landscape and about himself. Through honest accounts of these experiences he strives to open the minds of others to the world that extends well beyond their doorsteps. "When I was sixteen I was lucky enough to go to Nepal for three weeks of trekking and rafting in the Himalayas. The mix of dizzying views, warm friendly people and physical challenge made me feel more alive than ever. In hindsight I realise that it is this mix that I continue to pursue. I find that an adventure can open up a unique path into the fabric of a country; its people, culture and landscapes. It is a way of being open, intimate and embracing of the unknown and unexpected……and when you start doing that, the world opens up to you and anything is possible. All of my journeys since that trip to Nepal have begun with a very half-baked dream; inspired by my curiosity about places I have never been or know little about. Although I wasn’t sure where adventure travel would lead me I was troubled with the idea of doing what I loved most during my spare time. At 19 I decided to leave my university degree behind for good to commit fully to my dreams. In a nutshell I guess that my motivation comes from the prospect of learning about people and places and about personal growth and living life with a vivid edge. Although there are many hard times that I don’t enjoy, moments like waking up in the Gobi to greet the hues of dawn and a couple of nosy camels, before sliding out of a filthy sleeping bag to eat a pot of poorly cooked porridge, can be paradise! I also hope that by sharing my experience, particularly with young people, it can inspire others to follow their own dreams no matter what they are."