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Cye Wood & Lisa Gerrard have released an album inspired by the music they composed for 'The Trail of Genghis Khan.' Buy it and find out more at:


On the Trail of Genghis Khan Cover

On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads

Released by Bloomsbury Worldwide (Australia and NZ on August 21 2013, USA/Canada September 24 2013, UK November 21 2013).

Inspired by a desire to understand the nomadic way of life, Australian adventurer Tim Cope embarked on a remarkable journey: 6,000 miles on horseback across the Eurasian steppe from Mongolia, through Kazakhstan, Russia, and the Ukraine, to Hungary retracing the trail of Genghis Khan. 

Off the Rails Cover

Off The Rails: Moscow to Beijing by Bike

First published by Penguin 2003 it details his 10,000km, 14 month journey across Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and China. It is as much about the warmth and hospitality of Siberian villagers and Mongolian nomads, as it is about the haunting landscapes extreme challenge and a tested friendship.

The Penguin publication is illustrated with colour photo inserts, a map and diagram of Tim and Chris's unique bicycles. The UK Summersdale version is non-illustrated and can be purchased at a cheaper rate.

Middle of Nowhere Cover

Lonely Planet's Guide to the Middle of Nowhere - Hard Back Coffee Table Book

In 2006 Tim Contributed two pieces to the Lonely Planet's, large format, hard cover coffee table book titled 'Lonely planet's Guide to the Middle of Nowhere.' With a compilation of stories about travel to the far corners of our earth from a range of travellers and adventurers, combined with striking photography, it is a beautiful production worthy of shelf or table space in any travel enthusiasts home. Copies of this book through Tim's website come personally signed by contributing author: Tim Cope.



Trail of Ghengis Khan Cover

On the trail of Ghengis Khan

This internationally award winning 6 part film series about Tim's journey from Mongolia to Hungary by horse was aired on ABC during mid 2010. Includes Bonus Scenes and music of the steppe featurette. Running time is approximtaely 187 minutes, aspect: 16:9 (widescreen). PAL Region 4 DVD.
Off the Rails Cover

Off the Rails: On the Back Roads to Beijing

This 52 minute film is the winner of three major festivals. The DVD release follows worldwide broadcasts, the first of these shown on ABC TV in 2002.

DVD 'Auf Den Spuren Der Nomaden' - German Language Version

DVD 'Auf Den Spuren Der Nomaden' - German Language Version

This is the award winning 4 x 43 minute film series (172 minutes), 'Auf Den Spuren Der Nomaden,' in German language, as seen on ARTE in Europe. It comes as a 2 x DVD set. Settings PAL: 16:9.