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Off the Rails - The Book

large book cover - off the rails

Off The Rails: Moscow to Beijing By Bike 10,000 kilometres in 14 months, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, China Read recent book review here! (Published by Penguin Books Australia April 2003)  Order here 

Tim Cope & Chris Hatherly THIS IS the true story of two twenty-year old Australians who travelled for fourteen months on recumbent bicycles from Russia, across Siberia and Mongolia, to Beijing. It is as much a story of perseverance, passion, and belief as it is about the people and remarkable landscapes of Siberia and Mongolia. Tim and Chris are not just fearless adventurers but philosophers on wheels, willing and able to open themselves up to everything from the voice of the Steppes to the Russian villagers and the nomads of the Gobi desert. From this they draw an often funny, moving and inspirational tale of living out a dream. Mixed into this journey is the story of their tumultuous relationship as two opposing wills battle it out in the midst of heat, snow and hunger.

"Tim and Chris dreamed adventures that became reality. They took me on their wondrous travels and made me see other people's lives through new eyes." BRIGITTE MUIR, first Australian woman to climb Everest and the seven summits, and author of The Wind in My Hair.

"I love stories like this. It shows that even in this day and age frontiers can still be found and explored. Chris and Tim have achieved something that makes me go `wow'" JESSE MARTIN, youngest person to sail solo around the world, and the author of Lionheart. 

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