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  • The Long Riders Guild - A great website for finding out about long horseback travel around the world.
  • Ben Kozel - An Australian adventure travel writer, author of 'Three Men in a Raft' and 'Five Months in a Leaky Boat.' Tim travelled with Ben on the Yenisey expedition.
  • - A Candian adventurer/author who sailed the world at 19, and was part of the first team to raft the entire Amazon and the Yenisey in Siberia. Tim travelled with him on the Yenisey journey. Colin is now embarking on a human powered journey from Vancouver to Moscow.
  • - A prolific Australian adventurer (Eric Philips) dedicated to exploring the ice-caps of the world. Journeys include the south pole, north pole, Patagonian icecap, Ellesmere, and Greenland.
  • - A great site for following all news and journeys into the Arctic and Antarctic.
  • - English photographers who have been capturing the lives of Arctic people for twenty years including the much unheard about Reindeer herders of Siberia.
  • Chris Hatherly Tim joined Chris on the epic cycling adventure across Siberia. Chris is currently embarking on a 12,000km bike ride from China to Turkey.
  • Coast to Coast Challenge-Paul Waterhouse, a young Australian strives to live out a dream by foot, kayak and bike from Sydney to Perth, inspiring young people along the way.

Sometimes when my own ideas are a bit clouded, reading or finding out about what others are doing can provide the inspiration, positive knowledge and reassurance to get back on track. Here are some links that I find uplifting.....'