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list image: x-socks


Socks can often be overlooked but with the right choice can help prevent cold, wet and blistered feet

list image: travel wear

Travel Wear

When preparing for a trip like this it is easy to forget about every day travel clothes that have to put up with everything from city-wear to the midst of adventure

list image: goretex

Gore-Tex Outer Wear

Having waterproof and breathable gear is essential when you are out in the elements 24/7 On this occasion I decided to opt for a Mountain Designs low cut Gore-tex jacket that is long enough to help keep my saddle dry

list image: clothing

Mountain Designs Windshield

Windstopper jackets have been with me on my journeys as an every-day essential They breath more easily than gore-tex jackets, and still stop the wind


Lowa Outdoor Footwear

Shoes are probably the most important of all outdoor clothing With bad shoes a trip like this one could be drawn to a halt

list image: horse track

Mountain Horse Chappettes

To stop the rubbing between the saddle, stirrup leathers, and my legs, chappetes are by far the best option for riding day after day Mountain Horse makes what are arguably the most practical, well designed, and comfortable chappettes on the Market