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Communication / Photography-Video / Mobile Power


Iridium Satellite Communication

For safety, communication, and website updating I required a satellite phone Iridium is the only satellite communication provider with truly global coverage with 66 low orbiting satellites


Mobile Power

To be able to update the website with pictures and stories en-route, and to make the most of the Iridium data-transfer, it became clear that I needed to have some kind of external power source and a laptop. After a lot of research into different possibilities Chris Hatherly referred me to ...

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Video Camera

Since the Yenisey trip I have used my trusty Sony PD100 It is a three chip camera that is strongly built, records on DVCAM format, and has XLR microphone ports

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Digital Still Camera

Despite being convinced that a standard SLR camera with transparency film provides the best quality images at an affordable price I needed to have a digital camera for the website and articles written en-route

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SLR Still Camera

After a fair bit of thinking and research I decided on the Nikon F80 with the VR 24-120mm lens