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Horse Tack


Nungar Knots

Lead and tether ropes are essential equipment needed on a daily basis They have to be strong, friendly for both rider and horse, and flexible in use I was lucky to have Nungar Knots provide the best quality available

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Ortlieb Horse Panniers

Saddlebags are the bags that clip onto the riding saddle with accessible goodies for riding during the day The saddlebags that I initially looked at all had major flaws- they were too heavy, not waterproof, too small, or not tough enough for my journey

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Custom Pack Rigging Pack Saddle

One of the first things that I was told by the Long Riders Guild was that 80 percent of pack-horse journeys failed due to problems with the pack-horse! Having a quality pack saddle and pack boxes would be crucial in avoiding injuries to the horse


Bates Australian Stock Saddle

As a newcomer to the horse industry I found the array of saddles and other tack confusing to say the least

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Packing Roll

During my trip with Steve and Cath Baird in the Australian Alps, I was very impressed with their system of attaching sleeping bag, coat, and mat behind the saddle They used a canvas roll that bent in a U-shape to go over the horses back

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Other general tack

Blankets At this stage I am using basic cotton blankets, two per horse to fit under the saddles The upper blanket can be folded to meet the needs of an ill-fitting saddle or just to provide more comfort for the horse