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Outdoor Equipment


MIOX Water Purifier

Central Asia water is notorious among travellers- that is besides the high mountain streams of course! Among other bacteria, Giardia is one of the most feared bugs that quickly leads to bad health and an unpleasant experience



Although I will be cooking on a fire whenever possible (to save fuel), a stove is essential during a journey that is based primarily on the steppe A good stove gives you the confidence to go anywhere even in the coldest, driest, most barren conditions


Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

Having compact tools at the ready is always important on an expedition where you do not have the luxury of a tool set The ‘Leatherman Wave’ is the most lightweight of their range with pliers, locking knives, and a series of tools such as screw drivers, scissors, and can opener


Platypus Water Storage/Transport/Hydration Systems

For water transport, hydration and storage I chose a range of Platypus products


Essential Accessories

There are some things that have remained on all of my trips that are indispensable During my studies as a wilderness guide in Finland and Russia I learnt that survival and comfort can depend on the sharpness and quality of tools


Magellan Sportrak Pro GPS

Unlike during my cycling expedition, on this journey I will have the freedom to go cross-country on the horses into remote areas far from roads Being able to pin-point my location and gauge my progress in a land of few landmarks will be crucial


Baffin Technology

The Mongols were the first and last people to attack Russia in the mid of winter and actually conquer it (actually they did so with brutal success) You can bet if they were riding in temperatures of –40 and below then they were not just wearing sneakers

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Mountain Designs Fortress

I chose this tent for several important reasons First of all I needed a tent that would stand up to the most ferocious winds The Fortress has four reinforced poles and an excellent system of guy ropes

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For getting a good nights sleep every night, I chose the ultra-lite range of the therma-rest self-inflatable mats They fold up incredibly small and are almost the same weight of a closed cell foam mat anyway

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Mountain Designs Serac

I chose the serac due to its ligtweigtness - warmth ratio It has a breathable, water resistant shell, and a comfortable design It is made for -20 degrees, however I have used it in as low as -35 degrees and remained relatively warm The inner is dryloft down

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Mountain Designs Main Range

For this expedition I needed a backpack that was simple and tough, lightweight and comfortable, and big enough to for an extended journey The Mountain Designs Main Range backpack seems to meet all of these needs