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Back with the horses in the Ukraine (19/10/2006)

Tim has called in from Nikolaiv in the Ukraine where he has reunited with his three horses and dog Tigon. Tigon has had quite an adventure in Tim's absence living at the horse stables. Every day people took him for walks, including visits to the pub and the river near the horse farm. He was known for being so strong that he pulled one woman off her feet, and almost knocked the owner of the horse farm 'Vladimir' every day with his welcoming 'morning' leaps (when he jumps up with his paws onto the chest or face of his loved ones!). In the last days before Tim's arrival as if sensing Tim was near, he began howling without end in the mornings and evenings in a very emotional state. Life hasn't been too hard for him though as Tim discovered that Tigon has found a girlfriend. She is a short little red coated homeless dog that he has invited onto the farm as a guest! The horses on the other hand have been moving between stables and a small enclosed yard. Although this is good conditions for sport orientated horses, for those accustomed to the freedom of the steppe it must have been difficult! One day they managed to escape the yard by sliding under the fence and ran amuck among a small herd of mares. In te process Blackie took a massive piece of skin and hair off his back which looks like a very nasty abrasion, and right below where the saddle will go. In general the horses seem to be in good condition. They will have to be shod to keep gong as their hooves have softened after a month in the stables. Two days ago the first snow fell- the warning of the forthcoming winter which will be tim's third during this expedition. Tim is now situated at: Latitude: 46° 59 Min. 50 Sec. Longitude: 31° 55 Min. 50 Sec. Go to WWW.MAPQUEST.COM/MAPS/LATLONG.ADP and type in the above coordinates to see where Tim is now.