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Tigon touches down in Australia! (12/11/08)

Tigon In cageTigon in cage2

After a year of raising funds, and preparing all the documents, getting all the necessary vaccinations and blood tests, and with much help from the Loska family in Hungary, and veterinarian 'Edit Budik,' I am excited to say that Tigon, my fearless canine companion touched down in Australia today!

This has come about through the help of hundreds of others. The bulk of thre required funds (about $8500 AUD) to get Tigon home was raised at events in Perth organised by Mountain Designs, and one in Margaret river by 'Horses and Horsemen.' The ticket sales all went to Tigon, as well as the money kindly donated by many individuals. I will be acknowledging each and everyone's help in a later story.

Photos below are of Tigon being prepared to board an Emirates flight in Vienna on his way to Melbourne. With him is 'Edit Budik' the Hungarian veterinarian who arranged the final bloodtests and vaccinations, and even personally drove Tigon in her car all the way to Vienna international airport. Tigon spent more than 24 hours in transit with a stop over in Dubai. He arrived at 6.30 am thismorning at quarantine in Melboune (today being Thursday the 11th of December). Tomorrow (Friday) I will reunite with Tigon at the Spotswood quarantine centre. He will have to remain for 30 days at the centre before being released. I will post photos and video of that reunion in the coming week.

Tigon spent three years with me on the trail from Eastern Kazakhstan to Hungary, and his adventures included surviving frosts of -50 degrees, being stolen, hit by a car, and even picked up by the scruff of his neck by the teeth of a stallion. He travelled at keast 10,000km and grew up on the road.

Tigon means fast wind or hawk in Kazakh language. He is half Tazi, which is a kazakh wolf hound similar to the Saluki breed of the middle east. He has long legs and great endurance.