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Tim crosses the Dniepr River and reaches Nikolaiv (4/9/06)

Ukraine Village Hut At last report Tim had crossed the river Dniepr in Kherson Oblast of the Ukraine and had arrived in Nikolaiv. The going was made hard due to unseasonal storms classed as mini hurricanes. These brought extremely heavy downpours that soaked all of his gear as if it had been thrown into a swimming pool.

On Friday of last week he arrived in the city of Nikolaiv and was invited to a horse stud. This became a big problem though when a local vet got so worried by Tim's presence that he called the veterinary police. Tim was taken to the head office and was threatened to have his animals confiscated. However after analyis of documents and a call to Kiev it was in fact decided that his documents were in order and that he had permission to ride to the border with Hungary.

The unfortunate outcome of this though is that the agency is now looking at action in punishing the owner of the horse farm which is based on government land for allowing Tim entry 'without permission from the Ukrainian Veterinary Department.'

As the crow flies there is now less than 1000km to Budapest, but as Tim explains, every inch has to be travelled, and in these parts the issue is bureaucracy, and not so much lack of pasture and water.