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Last Friday on a drizzly, cool Melbourne afternoon, I pulled into a Butcher to buy a bone for Tigon before arriving at the Spotswood Australian Quarantine centre for cats and dogs. It felt so surreal, so nerve racking to think that after all I had been through with Tigon on the road for more than three years- the close scrapes, the ups, and the downs, he was finally here! It had been more than a year since I had seen Tigon, and I wondered how he would react. After being transported by car to Vienna, then by plane to Dubai, then onto Melbourne, how was he feeling?

All was soon to become clear. He recognized me instantly, and the photos below I think express more than I can. Although a bit subdued and exhausted, Tigon wanted to run, have his belly rubbed, mark his new territory (ie all over the gum trees in the running pen at first) , eat the bone, be patted, and to sleep all at once. I spent over two hours with him along with my brother Cameron (who kindly took these photos), and friend, and camera man 'Mike Dillon.' An Australian Geographic photographer was also there at the beginning to catch this special moment of reunion.

Tigon will now stay in quarantine until the 10th of January. I am allowed to have two weekly visits to see him in the meantime. Thank you again to all the people who have helped so much to get Tigon home. I hope you enjoy these photos. Stay tuned for more updates about Tigon in the coming weeks and months!