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Tim To give presentation at Montreal International Film Festival ...

Tim in Altai Kharhiraa

Tim will be presenting at the International Adventure Film Festival which runs between the 22nd and 25th of October. For bookings, and enquiries about this festival, go to:

"In 2004, 25 year old Australian Tim Cope set out to experience life on the great Eurasian steppes, his idea: to ride a horse 10,000km from Mongolia to Hungary on the trail of Ghengis Khan.

Beginning as a novice who could not even ride a horse, this journey eventually took him beyond his dreams, through three and a half years that changed his life. Along the way he was challenged by horse stealing, wolves, extreme conditions that ranged from -50 degrees to +50 degrees, corrupt bureaucracy, and near the end the unfortunate death of his father in Australia in a car accident.

Tim's aim was to understand the life of the Eurasian nomads- whose ancestors were the first in history to domesticate the horse and under Ghengis Khan formed the largest empire in history. After having his horses stolen on just the fifth day of the journey, Tim realised that the only way to achieve his aim was to leave his baggage behind as a westerner and look at the world through the eyes of a nomad. More than 150 families took him into their homes, teaching him the way of the steppe and the value of friendship.

Tim travelled through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Southern Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, and Hungary. By the time he arrived on the Danube in the end of 2007, he had become a folk hero, honored by locals who saw him as celebrating their cultural heritage. Tim's presentation on the 23rd ov October for the Montreal Avdenture Film Festival will bring this journey to life in an evening of captivating storytelling

Come and join Tim, his three horses, and adopted Kazakh travelling dog 'Tigon' for a journey that will leave you inspired with horizons broadened about this largely unknown part of the world.

A feature of Tim's presentation is the aid of film clips from his upcoming ABC documentary and outstanding stills which capture the colour, drama, and life of his experiences.

Tigon the honourable travelling dog

Tim was given a young dog early on in the journey by a Kazakh herder who sensed the dangers ahead: “Tim, you need a friend on the road. He will guard you from the wolves and be your heater on cold winter nights.’ Tigon- which means ‘hawk’ or ‘fast wind’ – became an inseparable companion and honoured traveller whose own adventures included being stolen, frozen, and revived on raw eggs and vodka. Tigon warmed the hearts of children along the way and made hundreds of canine friends. Like a true re-incarnation of Ghengis Khan he marked his territory across the globe. Tigon is an endearing character who adds life, humour, and another parallel story throughout Tim’s presentation as he goes through ups and downs just like Tim on his own rite of passage. Tim has now received an import permit for Tigon, and is urgently trying to raise funds to bring him home (it costs about $7000). Tim also hopes to write a children's book through the eyes of this canine Marco Polo. Tim hopes that through these presentations he will be able to help raise funds to get Tigon home.

Tim Cope Bio

At 29, Tim is already a world renowned veteran adventurer, filmmaker, professional presenter, writer for magazines and newspapers, and author. His work includes Off the Rails, released by Penguin early in 2003, the documentary Off the Rails: on the Back Roads to Beijing, screened on the ABC in August 2002, and The Yenisey Expedition which was made for National Geographic channel about his world first rowing journey across Siberia to the Arctic Ocean. The recipient of many accolades, including Australian Adventurer of the Year 2006, his most recent was in 2007, when he was flown to Washington by National Geographic to be honored at the annual adventure awards. His epic journey by horse from Mongolia to Hungary was considered “one of the great journeys of modern times” (Australian Geographic). Currently, he is working on another film series for the ABC and two new books. For Tim, adventure and sharing his experiences with others, has become a way of life.