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Camel Woold socks


Over the years I have fallen in love with the natural products of the Mongolians and other steppe nomads and have brought home a treasure trove of traditional craft and garments. This year, together with my Mongolian girlfriend, Khorloo, I have brought back a stack of Natural Camel Wool & Yak wool socks.

Camel wool, taken from the two humped Bactrian Camels in spring time, is incredibly soft and light, somewhere between cashmere and sheep wool, and is used by the nomads for a range of clothing. Yak wool socks (we have only about 10 pairs of this at the moment) are also very warm, light but a bit sturdier than camel.

If you are interested in ordering some camel socks for xmas gifts or yourself (we have a range from baby socks up to a size 11US (European 44), please visit our ebay shop, or if you do not have an ebay account just email me with your enquiry at: Each pair of socks comes with a handcrafted gift card with a photo of a wooly camel.