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'Headwinds', an Australian biking adventure book released.

Last week, October 1st, Andrew Bain, former Lonely Planet writer-turned freelance released his inspirational account of his 16,000km cycling journey around Australia the wrong way- into the wind. He carried out the journey with his wife as an inexperienced cyclist and came through with a wealth of learning about himself and the intricacies/eccentiricities of Australia. It is published by Hardie Grants and is available in all good bookstores. Congratulations Andrew...also on the birth of your first child that is fast teaching you the art of getting by on very little sleep! HEADWINDS ‘What I knew about Australia’s Highway One: it was long, more than 16,000 kilometres around if you included Tasmania; and it was full of trucks, missiles of destruction half the length of a soccer pitch with 62 wheels so that if one didn’t get me, the other 61 might. What I knew about cycling: nothing.’ After fulfilling their backpacking ‘tour of duty’ in Europe self-confessed cycling ‘frauds’ Andrew and Janette Bain decided to embark on the ultimate adventure: to explore their own ‘backyard’ and cycle around Australia. Unprepared, unconfident and terrified of trucks, they wobbled away on a journey with a solitary ‘bike tool’. In Headwinds (Hardie Grant, $29.95) Andrew and Janette redefine the ‘Aussie Crawl’. Plagued by murderous trucks, psychotic cassowaries and aching limbs, they survive bushfires, food poisoning, Billy Joel songs and unwelcoming wildlife, to emerge saner than they thought they ever would. Along the way, they meet the eccentric ‘Mad Phil’; Yoshi, the deepsleeping Japanese cyclist; Surf nazis; Grey Nomads; Wallaby mafia; and Adrian, the bible-thumping cyclist from Geraldton who was inspired to ride around Australia by – of all things – a bush-tucker book. Headwinds is as much a story of determination, adventure and chocolate as it is about life on the verges of roads in the Sunburnt Country. Not to mention what can go wrong when you get the wrong advice! From the pencil-thin highways of the east coast to the humbling vastness of the outback, Headwinds is a story that shows there is a taste for adventure in everybody … sometimes even despite themselves! Andrew Bain is a former editor at Lonely Planet, and is now a freelance writer. WARNING: It is recommended that you cycle counter-clockwise around Australia, to minimise the risk of riding into headwinds.