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'Off the Rails' book released!

March 31st Off the Rails: Moscow to Beijing...............Book Released! After more than 14 months in the making, Tim, and co-author Chris Hatherly have had their book released. It details their 10,000km, 14 month epic journey across Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and China when they were just 20 years old. For Tim, this is a moment of great relief and elation. ‘With 1000km to go to Beijing on the cycling trip I vividly recall lying slumped in the desert sands of the Gobi. I was feeling worn to the bone after 13 months and 9000km, wrecked from diarrhoea and contemplating Chris’ announcement; that we had just broken our record for the most number of days in a row without a wash. In the midst of this we tossed around the overwhelming prospect of making a film and writing a book upon return home. We had no experience in the publishing or film world and wondered how we would have the energy, let alone the opportunity to fulfil our dream…….so now, two years it is such a dream to have it here alongside the film. Our dream has somehow cystalised. Somehow it hasn’t sunk in just yet.’ Tim and Chris will have plenty of opportunities for it to sink in over the next few weeks as they hit the publicity trail. First up, an interview on GMA with Bert Newton (Tuesday 2nd April). Look out for radio interviews in the near future. The official launch will be held at the travellers bookstore in Collingwood Melbourne. It should be a great event to pay thanks to the many people and sponsors that have helped make this dream a reality.This launch also coincides with the launch of this website. Congratulations and many thanks to the boys at Internetrix who have shown such great support in recent times. The book, has been released nationally by Penguin. Find it in all bookstores, or even better buy a personal copy signed by Tim here, for $34.95 including signature, postage and handling.