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Chris & Nat head off on odyssey from Turkey to Hong Kong!

Chris Hatherly, a long time friend and cycling siberia adventure partner, is off on another expedition, this time with his wife Natalie. Together, Chris and Nat are cycling recumbent bicycles from Istanbul in Turkey to Hong Kong through Iran, Central Asia, China and Tibet. The 12000km journey will take around 9 months, and will take the pair through a diverse range of culture, climate and terrain. They’re looking forward to 5000m plus mountain passes in Iran, and to sweltering deserts in Turkmenistan. They’ll encounter a range of levels of Islamic conservatism throughout the trip (Nat will possibly have to ride in a full chador in Iran) but will undoubtedly also meet a huge range of friendly and hospitable people along the way. Chris and Nat are also running a national online schools program based on their experiences in collaboration with the ACT Department of Education. Check out their website at for more.