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Horse swamp bad (1/8/05)

Tim’s computer is out of action at the moment, so he's asked me to relay the recent happenings. When he rang I hastily jotted down some points on the back of an envelope, which have since clarified any misgivings I may have had about my ability to shorthand. With such stella notes as “horse swamp bad” and “locals good no worries Yert”, I’m guessing this news report will be the shortest and most inaccurate one to ever grace this webpage. And in point form, no less: - Tim and his mates almost lost a horse in a swamp. It was in up to its neck when five local dudes turned up and helped to pull it out. According to Tim they were pretty cool. -They’ve been travelling up the Emba River with day temperatures of about 55 C in the sun and 45 C in the shade. Tim said the river had been their “saviour”, as it’s a constant source of water and an escape from the heat. -He told me something about meeting friends in Yert tents. I can’t really read my handwriting, but I had to mention ‘Yerts’, they just sound like fun. Why do they make me think of cottage cheese? -They stayed on a farm in the steppe with 1500 sheep and 150 camels. That’s 1650 reasons to party if you ask me…but I don’t think anybody is. -Tim and the gang have been drinking camel’s milk like it’s going out of style. -Tim said the Kazak locals have been overwhelmingly generous and hospitable, with the group staying with a family rather than paying for lodging more than half of the time. -The guys got invited to stay the night in a mosque, which is apparently the birthplace of a Kazak prophet named ‘Beketata’ (that’s gotta be misspelt). Tim said something about the mosque being underground and built in the shape of a Yert. I may have written that last bit down wrong, but at least I got to write ‘Yert’ again. -They’ve finally arrived in the town of ‘Kulsary’, which is only 80km from the Caspian Sea. -Now that the journey is over for Tim’s companions, they’re trying to sell horses, while they’ve already sold the camel. -Tim has arranged for his horses to be cared for as he heads to city for a month to organise his Visas. He said to lookout for some new pics coming soon. As he’ll soon be back in city, Tim should be easily contactable via email. Cheerio, Danny (Tim’s enigmatically sexy web news updating guy)