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New Image Gallery Up: Summer In Kazakstan (24/8/05)

NewGalleryPic Tim has not had much luck with his digital camera. Last October it fell under a horse's hoof. Then after three months getting repaired it was knocked off a table in the village of Akbakai one day before his Spring departure. It was sent on again to Almaty for repairs, but until Cara and Cordell arrived Tim has only had his SLR to shoot on slide film with. Finally thanks to Cordell Scaife and Cara Poulton the 'Summer Kazakhstan' photo gallery is up. Here you will find a multitude of images from the deserts of Western Kazakhstan, as Tim, Cara, and Cordell become perhaps the first westerners in history to trace the emba (or Zhem) river by horse and camel to Kulsari near the Caspian Sea. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE THE NEW 'SUMMER IN KAZAKHSTAN' GALLERY