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Summer leg comes to an end

Tim has just arrived back in Almaty after a turbulent week trying to find a rest place for the horses near Kulsari (80km from the Caspian Sea). The month along the Emba river was one of the most challenging yet rewarding of the journey. There will be desert dust and camel odour hanging over Tim until Hungary no doubt. The horses are recuperating while Tim has to go through all the beauracracy to make the rest of the trip realistic. This involves Russian Visa, Ukrainian Visa, sending on winter equipment, repairing clothes and equipment, getting video camera, digital camera repaired etc etc. Tim will also be writing an update shortly about the past month and the problems in Kulsari. There have been technical problems with getting the pictures loaded on the gallery, but this will be fixed in the coming week. There will be many great pics from Cordell's digital camera to come!