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Tim Reaches the Caspian and enters geographical Europe! (03/10/05)

(Click here to view the complete list of diary entries) Tim has reached the Caspian! He called me tonight with the latest: Tim has arrived in Europe Tim Cope crossed the URAL RIVER on Staurday, now in the city of Atrau. IS now at the northern shore of the Caspian Sea. Crossing the Ural river marked the entering geographical Europe. It’s been a long 2 weeks, 1 day after he set off he got really sick and was bed ridden at a camel farm on the steppe (which he was lucky to find) for 6 days. Was looked after really well, as were his horses. Workers on the farm were frpm Karakalpakstan. Left there, took 8 days to reach Atrau, finally reaching Europe, horses in good health, except one which is quite skinny. Met by people from the Ministry for Agriculture. Now resting up, Horses in the cattle saleyard. Tommorrow aiming to leave for Russia, border about 2 weeks away. Is in Hight Spirits. After 16 months feels like he has made it somewhere. Hoping the winter won’t be as rough as it was in eastern Kazak. Looking forward to the republic of Kalmikiya, made up of ethnic Mongols, only Buddhist republic in geographical Europe. Weather has cooled, can ride in day and sleep well at night…a relief. (Click here to view the complete list of diary entries)