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Tim Revisits Russia and Finland, July 2003!

Having arrived back from an enjoyable week in Perth (thanks to Riki Blake's Cafe, Mt Lawley High School, Guildford Grammar, and Rob and Rachel Devling for a special experience), Tim is preparing to spend a month catching up with contacts and friends of old in north-west Russia and Finland. Anyone who has read 'Off the Rails' will be interested to know that Tim will be revisiting Babushkina where he suffered frostbite during the early stages of the cycling journey. With luck he will re-unite with Baba Galya, Baba Sveta, the Dagestani doctor, and others who helped Tim and Chris out and provided so much warmth for the journey. This trip comes as closure to a journey that has aken the focus of Tim's life since late 1999- when he and Chris set off on the cycling adventure. When he returns to Australia in early August it will be time to sink the teeth into the next big project. In February 2004 he will be saying goodbye to his nice warm apartment in central Melbourne for at least a good year and a half. Stay tuned for details of the next journey, and for stories and photos from the present day Babushkina. Tim will have access to email during the trip so feel free to email any questions or comments you may have.