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Tim to travel to Korea (North & South) 20/8/03

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest speaker to the annual Travel Writing Association conference. When Debbie Nielson, travel editor at the Sun-Herald first contacted me I assumed that it would be in Australia, but as it turned out it was in Korea, sponsored by the National Korean Tourism organization, and Oriental tours. On the 29th of August I fly out to Gyeongju in South Korea. After the conference and a tour of this historical city, I will spend five days with a small group trekking in North Korea (pending an open border). Interestingly, Korea has close cultural ties with Altaic peoples, including Finns, Mongolians, and Hungarian. It also formed the eastern most border of the great Mongolian Khan empire during the 13th century. It should of course be an interesting look at a peninsula fraught with the constant threat of conflict, and a view into one of the last remaining soviet sponsored communist-totalitarian regimes in the world. Look out for live updates from Korea on the website, and full coverage in the upcoming e-newsletter.