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Unique Royal Geographic Society Meeting in London (27/2/05)

(Click here to view the complete list of diary entries) It seemed a million miles away from the steppe when I was told that I had been nominated as a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society…and even more unreal when CuChullaine O’Reilly of the of the ‘Long Riders Guild’ sent me an invite to a special event at the RGS London headquarters on March 15. Now however, with some generous financial support, it seems that I will have the opportunity to be there, in London, in person. The gathering itself is the first meeting of its kind, with some of the most amazing Equestrian explorers alive today, and those who have written the most significant books of equestrian exploration. I have been privileged to become the first adventurer to be accepted into the RGS whilst still in the saddle, and will be one of the only people at the meeting who is currently in the midst of a horseback adventure. To get there is going to be a little complicated, but probably worth the interruption to the journey. I will be aiming to travel with the horses across a further 150km of steppe to the Chu River while there is still snow on the ground. There I will have to find food, and a home for my horses for one week as I go to London and return. It seems ridiculous sometimes that the world can feel so huge while on horseback, yet so tiny when you think about modern air travel. More than anything though, I have to be honest and say that I am looking forward to getting back out there. From where my horses are it will be across the ‘Betpak Dala’ (starving steppe), to the Chu River and further towards the arid land near the Aral sea. Still so far to go to Hungary. (Click here to view the complete list of diary entries)