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Nomination for Grand Prize at'22nd International Mountain & Adventure ...

The 4 part European version of Tim's documentary series 'The Trail of Genghis Khan' has just been nominated for the grand prize at the 22nd Mountain Flm Festival in Graz, Austria!

Tim recieved the news late last night and is being flown to Austria for the ceremony on Saturday night.

8 years ago, Tim's previous film 'Off the Rails: On the Back Roads to Beijing' was also the recipient of a prize at this festival.

Stay tuned for more news come Saturday!

DVD a Bestseller!

In other news, the ABC DVD of the Australian Series 'The Trail of Genghis Khan' was the bestselling ABC product in September. You can order this DVD from Tim's website- makes a great christmas gift. Includes all six episodes and extra behind the scenes features.

You can now also order 'Off the Rails, On the Back Roads to Beijing' the award winning documentary on DVD. It was out of print for over a year and is now back in stock.