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On the Trail of Genghis Khan - Episode 3 'Ships Of The Desert'


Episode Summary

Australian adventurer Tim Cope has now travelled 3,000 kilometres across Mongolia and the frozen steppe of Kazakhstan, enduring the coldest winter in 40 years. Now he must cross the scorching hot Kazakh desert.

Tim’s spirits finally lift when Tigon is found alive in an old mining shack. After five failed attempts to leave ‘the place God forgot’, the dawning of spring allows Tim to escape and recommence his journey.

From the Aral Sea Tim must cross the desert in the middle of summer to the Caspian Sea. Temperatures soar to 50 degrees and without shade or water, death would be a certainty.

After more than a year on the road, Tim is beginning to think and behave like a nomad and as his second winter sets in, he makes it to the Republic of Kalmykiain in southern Russia.

The Kalymks, who are rediscovering their nomadic past after years under Communist control, embrace Tim as a hero. Tim has finally found the nomad spirit he is searching for, but beyond Kalmykia, Tim is to discover that not everyone will offer him the same hospitality and kindness, and he will soon suffer the greatest tragedy of his life. Find out more about this episode at the ABC TV Website.