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Tigon puppies are born and looking for homes!


Just as my book was being launched at the Brisbane Writers Festival back in early September, I received a video message on my smartphone from my mother. Not only did this herald my mother's coming of age in the era of the i-phone (apologies mum), but the grainy video was evidence of Tigon's first `legitimate' children. From the golden coat of my mother's three-year old Saluki, Mysty, emerged seven black squirming bodies the size of mice.

This was a moment that we had long been waiting for. Ever since managing to bring Tigon to Australia back in December 2008, I had been looking to have Tigon's unique character passed on. Tigon is a breed of Kazakh sight hound called `Tazi.' Tazi's were a prized dog among nomads, used primarily for hunting hare and fox. Known for their endurance, they have been companions of nomads on the steppe for perhaps thousands of years. My mother's dog is an Egyptian sight hound, that is a cousin of the Tazi, and exhibits very similar traits to was only natural than that a union was born.

On closer inspection, the morning after birth had occurred, Mysty another two black squirming bodies had crept out, and so it was official, Tigon and Mysty were the proud parents of seven girls and two boys!

Since that day, the pups have been growing steadily. Four of the puppies, one of them a boy, exhibit almost identical markings as Tigon with the black coat, white chest and white paws.

The other five are a mix of black and blonde (brindle), but all exhibit the white, spotty paws.

The puppies have been living at home in Drouin South, Gippsland, where my mother, and brothers Cameron and Jon, have been looking after them in y absence (I have been on tour).

Many people have registered interest already in having a Tigon pup, but if you are still interested in enquiring after one, please contact my brother Jonathan on: 0423314876,