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Tim Awarded 'Nairamdal' friendship medal on decree from Mongolian ...


Tim Cope awarded Peace Medal from the Government of Mongolia 

On Thursday the 13th of October Australian author, adventurer and film-maker Tim Cope was awarded the Nairamdal ‘Peace’ Medal from the Government of Mongolia in a ceremony, held at the UNWTO Nomadic Tourism Conference in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The Peace medal has been conferred on Tim Cope by the decree of the President of Mongolia in recognition of his work in promoting and celebrating Mongolian culture internationally through his book (On The Trail Of Genghis Khan), film, and work in tourism. The Peace Medal is the highest honour bestowed upon a foreign citizen by the Mongolian Government, and is solely given to foreigners who have contributed to strengthen the collaboration between their country and Mongolia through their work. 

At the ceremony, the award was handed to Cope by H.E. Minister Oyunkhorol (Minister for Environment and Tourism) after Tim’s presentation for the international conference. In 2015 Tim was appointed by Tourism Envoy of Mongoli by Minister Oyunkhorol.

These awards reflect the long-standing history and relationship Tim has with Mongolia and speak to the passion and love Tim has for Mongolia and it’s peoples. Tim has been travelling to Mongolia for 15 years, including time during his most renowned journey - the three year 10,000 kilometer trek by horse from Mongolia to Hungary on the trail of Genghis Khan. This adventure has been documented in Tim’s internationally award-winning book and TV documentary series, On the Trail of Genghis Khan. Tim has been working as an exclusive speaker with Saxtons for 15 years.