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Tim Cope becomes Mongolian Tourism Envoy & Awarded Tourism Excellency ...


This morning, 21st July, Tim Cope was officially inaugurated as tourism envoy for Mongolia, and given the Mongolian Tourism Excellency Medal by the honourable minister for tourism and environment, Oyunkhorol. The ceremony took place at the ministry of tourism in Ulaanbaatar city. 

These awards acknloweldge Tim's work in promoting Mongolian culture, and tourism through his books, films, journeys, and work in tourism. 

"I am very proud an honoured to have been acknowledged by the Mongolian people for my work in promoting Mongolian culture through my books, films, and tourism. I think that the most important message that Mongolian culture carries for the rest of the world is a message of living sustainably and harmoniously with the environment, and living with a sense of tolerance, community, and firendship with others," Tim Cope said upon acceptance.