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Tim's View on Sponsorship

In the past five years I have committed myself to living out my dreams and importantly sharing them with wider audiences. Turning this into a life focus and the beginnings of a career has involved some very challenging times when it would have been far easier to throw in the towel. Fortunately, there have been some shining lights; those who have believed in what I am doing and decided to support me. I now have several ongoing sponsors with whom I have a personal relationship. I realised from the outset that sponsorship, like any business venture, is something to work on together to provide mutual benefit. I believe in what my sponsors do, and am willing to help and promote them in any way I can. I am particularly interested in sponsors with integrity who are innovative, pushing the limits, and striving for excellence. Atop of this, I feel that an obligation to a sponsor is to always be on the look out for opportunities that may benefit them, and to remain as flexible as possible. Sponsorship is not about getting something for free, or asking for a donation. I guess that growing and developing together is a key factor in what makes sponsorship arrangements successful.