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DVD Region Information

Please note that all DVDs (Off the Rails, The Trail of Genghis Khan, and Auf Den Spuren Der Nomaden), are PAL DVDs. This means that they will not work on NTSC format DVD players, such as those found in North America (USA and CANADA). The DVDs will however work on any computer.

Additionally, The Trail of Genghis Khan is a 'Region 4' DVD which means that unless you have a region 4 player, then you will require a multi-zone DVD player (these are very common, especially in Europe/UK). For those of you who have seen a part of the film during the Banff Tour, this DVD is the Australian Version and consists of 6 x 26 minute programs, as well as bonus scenes and music of the steppe featurette.

Off The Rails and Auf Den Spuren Der Nomaden are not 'region' formatted which means it will work in any PAL DVD player.

Sorry if this causes any issues. These limitations are due to the limitations set by the distributors which hold the license for DVD production and distribution